This weekend I finally took advantage of the box of Natural Instincts Cinnaberry that has been sitting on my counter for the past three weeks and colored my hair (again). It’s a temporary color (cuz I’m non-committal like that) that washes out after 28 shampoos. I’m thinking of getting a shorter (fun? funky?) cut to go with it and some new glasses as well. I have an eye appointment coming up this week and went scouting out specs this weekend. I’m trying my best to deviate from my usual brown glasses (which is what I almost always seem to get – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?) and have a purple frame in mind. We’ll see if I go through with it or not. There’s also a black and green frame that I rather like and a couple of (yes) brown ones too.

What kind of hairstyle do you think I should go with? Send me links to pics if you have suggestions. Maybe I’ll put together 2 or 3 styles that I like and then post a poll and let the internets decide my next hair style. Ya think?

Here I am with the new shades of Cinnaberry hair. I’m a red-head. (For the record, it doesn’t look as red here as it does in person. I’m surprised every time I see myself in the mirror.)

Me with red hair 6/29/08