Celebrate good times (BSM)

While our 4th of July didn’t go exactly as planned (we missed the parade we set out to see because the time listed for it was incorrect, then missed our backup plan of an outdoor symphony concert because Julian fell asleep in the car on the way), but we still ended up having a nice day. Ava got to ride her new bike (a present for her 4th birthday). My sister Carrie joined us for the evening. We picked up some dinner and some fireworks which Jody set off in the street. Carrie and I were sure to throw in some oooohs and aaaahs for good measure and the kids enjoyed it all.

My best shots are of my big girl learning to ride her bike:

Ava on her new bike - 7/4/08 Ava on her new bike - 7/4/08

Then here are a few from our mini fireworks display:

Fireworks 7/4/08 Aunt Carrie and the kids watching fireworks - 7/4/08 Fireworks 7/4/08

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20 thoughts on “Celebrate good times (BSM)”

  1. Those are terrific shots – I love the biking ones!! Adorable! We had something similar to the bugabike (kinderbike) – it really helped my son when he was three. My younger son is even starting to use it a bit this summer (he is two and a half) . . . not so great yet but he can shuffle around on it a bit.

  2. It’s look like Daddy was working just as hard on that bike as Ava! Love the look on their faces while watching the show. We have a burn ban so no fireworks at home for us. We really missed it.

  3. No offense, but since when do fireworks fit into a green lifestyle? They are in many ways the epitome of needless pollution and release of toxins? Or were you able to find some less harmful fireworks? But yes, love the pictures!

  4. Hi Em,

    I know, I thought about that too and know it was not a green thing to do, but then I have never claimed to be perfect. There are some things I will do – like setting off $12 worth of fireworks once a year, or letting my kids run through the sprinkler once in a while, because they enjoy it. I hope that the many many other green things I do still make a difference and inspire others to do the same.

    Thank you,

  5. Well, we’re human and just b/c you have an online presence doesn’t make you unhuman. Amen Amy! I’m with you! You showed your real verses perfect.

  6. Hey.. we’re all allowed to set off fireworks once a year… I’d do just about anything to see that smile on my girls’ faces!!! You’re a great mom, and yes, you are inspiring!!

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