The reluctant garage sale

When my neighbor told me a week ago that she was planning a garage sale for this coming weekend, the wheels started turning in my head. I’ve definitely got more than my fair share of crap stuff to purge and the extra cash would certainly come in handy for our upcoming vacation at the end of the month. I told her I might join her and do a sale the same weekend.

Fast-forward to this past weekend when I asked my sister if she’d be down with helping me run the sale. With dollar signs in her eyes, she agreed and the game was on.

Fast-forward (again) to tonight when my sister came over to review our game plan for the weekend. (She’s really into this I’m telling you, but so would I be if I had three years of law school debt to pay off.) I started freaking out, thinking of all of the work I have ahead of me and started wondering what in the hell I was thinking planning a garage sale with basically less than a week to prepare!

Tonight I started going through two of the rooms in the basement (where a large portion of our crap we don’t use is stored – like all of my old formal dresses from high school and I even came across my old retainer! thanks to my mom who saved EVERYTHING for me) and I realized I have a huge project ahead of me. I’m excited in a way, because I see this as a great opportunity to declutter my house and life, as well as pass things on to people who could actually get some use out of them, but it’s going to take a lot of time, time I’m not excited about spending in preparation.

They say anything worth doing is worth doing well. I guess garage sales fit into the anything category too. Sigh. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. Wish me luck!