Green Tip of the Week #23 – Composting pet hair and other oddities

composting-with-dog-hair.jpgThis weekend Jody aggressively brushed out our older dog who has been shedding like mad lately. The pile grew larger and larger as he added more and more to it, and I joked that we had enough to make another dog. When he and the dog had had all of the fun they could stand, he looked a little surprised when I told him to knit a sweater throw it all into the composter. I admit I was going out on a limb, but it seemed like a good idea. After all, it’s organic material, surely it couldn’t be bad for the compost heap, right?

I did a little research today to find out that pet hair is acceptable material for the composting, but I probably should have had him break it up into smaller bits. From Organic Gardening, “Human and pet hair can be added in small amounts, if you keep in mind that it breaks down slowly, mats easily, and sheds water.” Oops. Looks like I may be sifting through the pile to remove some of the dog, I mean hair, to add back into the mix at a later date.
Wondering what else can go into your composter? How about shredded newspaper and junk mail? Here are 163 Things You Can Compost (and still counting!).

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