What’s more fun than a box full of Amy?

Although I didn’t get to go to BlogHer in San Francisco this weekend (if you are on Twitter then you probably “heard” me repeatedly whining about it), I did get to join in the Second Life BlogHer fun and, along with 100 other women (maybe more?), listened to/watched the keynote Friday morning by Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort and Jory Des Jardins. Very cool!

Then tonight at Heather‘s suggestion, I joined back in for the Second Life BlogHer dance party. I am a total newb to Second Life and was still dressed in my newbie clothes, so I decided to go looking for something a little cooler to wear. A fellow BlogHer attendee (Gidge Uriza in SL) offered to teleport me and DomesticVanilla to her store, where we could both try on some free clothes. Unfortunately once I got there I was completely clueless. There were several boxes to choose from, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the clothes out of the box and instead put an entire box on. I laughed hysterically at my ignorance and decided to go back to the BlogHer party wearing it, because I’m a big nerd like that. I greeted everyone with, “Do you think this box makes my butt look fat?” Suffice it to say that everyone got a kick out of my new “clothes.” 😉

CrunchyDomestic Magic dances in a box at the BlogHer Second Life party Check out my cool garb at the BlogHer Second Life party

After laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face (that hasn’t happened in a WHILE), I finally ditched the damn box and changed, with the help of my new BlogHer friends, into something a bit more comfortable (some Goth clothes, ‘cuz I always wanted to be Goth). 😉

Once the BlogHer party ended Gidge and her husband Silo invited us back to their SL house for more dancing. We also watched some mud wrestling and Heather even did some knife throwing!

Watching some mud wrestling in Second Life Heather (A Mama’s Blog) does some knife throwing in Second Life

Bet none of you BlogHers in San Francisco can say you did all that! 😉 What a night.

While Second Life was a hoot, I still want to go to BlogHer in first life next year. 🙂 BlogHer ’09 or bust!

8 thoughts on “What’s more fun than a box full of Amy?”

  1. It was a blast. Thanks Gidge! I don’t think we would have had a better night had we really been in SF. I know I would not have been throwing knives- that’s for sure. 🙂 And the box was priceless… I always knew you were a little “square”-hee, hee…I’ll stop with the box jokes now.

  2. So I missed BlogHer and I missed the SL BlogHer party last night. *sigh*

    Just kidding! How fun! It almost makes me want to get addicted to Second Life, but I better not. Too much already. BlogHer 09 here we come!

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