Before and After

Admittedly these aren’t the best pics, but here’s a before and after of both my old and new glasses and my old and new hairstyle. What do you think?

Old glasses, old hair - 7/20/08

I wanted to go with a short pixie cut, but decided to go with more of a short layered bob instead. My hair is really short in the back and longer around my face. I also added more bangs. I didn’t have any product in my hair and hadn’t really styled it, but I think it will be easy to wash and go, and I’m all about easy. 🙂 Though I also think it’d be easy to throw some goop or something in it and make it look a bit more styled.

New glasses, new hair - 7/20/08

Does this count for a Best Shot Monday post since I really didn’t take any other pictures this week? 😉 Tracey did say, “Do you have a shot that says something about what’s been happening in your life? Share your joy.” This week my joy is glasses and a haircut that I like. 🙂
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47 thoughts on “Before and After”

  1. I love both! I’ve always wanted to have short hair, but my crazy coarse Asian hair just goes nuts. And I agree w/ Jennae that your new looks goes w/ your blog header pic much better!

  2. So cute! I really like it. I got a similar haircut this week, too. Much shorter and easy to style. I also got some new specs, but only changed the lenses, not the frame.

  3. Cute haircut! You do look like your drawing a lot now. I would totally get that haircut if it wouldn’t look like poo on me because I have thick, coarse hair.

  4. Love it, love it, love it! It fits your personality beautifully.

    I am always in awe of women who can carry off such a sassy and great hairstyle.

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  6. I’m diggin’ the new look! You are always gorgeous, mama, but this is a fab rejuvenation.
    Still catching up on your blog and hoping your vacation is amazing. 🙂

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