No Internets = Major productivity?

When I got a note on my door last week from my Internet provider (Comcast) letting me know they were going to screw with my service upgrade some part and leave me without a connection from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. today, I thought, “that totally sucks!” But then the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how productive I might actually be around the house and with my kids if I had a forced Internets-free day. So let me tell you what a day without the Internets looks like for me.

  • Get myself dressed
  • Feed kids breakfast
  • Remove and store two trays of strawberries (that I picked at the farm yesterday) from our new dehydrator
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Change the world’s poopiest diaper ever, which actually required a partial bath to get the boy clean
  • Dress the kids
  • Get myself breakfast
  • Put clothes in dryer (it looked like rain at the time, so no line drying),  put another load in washer
  • Clean up the livingroom and vacuum
  • Make lunch for the kids
  • Lunch for me = tortilla chips and salsa (that I made yesterday) and some leftover hummus (also made yesterday)
  • Usher the kids outside to play
  • Cut and prepare about 15 apples (on sale at Vitamin Cottage) for dehydrating
  • Get clothes from dryer. Move clothes from washer to dryer
  • Start folding laundry
  • Put Julian down for nap
  • Get the rest of the laundry and finish folding it all
  • Help Ava make a caterpillar out of an egg carton
  • Wash umpteen dishes from yesterday and today
  • Make, with Ava’s help, a small batch of strawberry freezer jam
  • Clean up my new kitchen mess
  • Read some new books (that came in the mail from a book club Ava belongs to) to the kids
  • Make tortellini with spinach for dinner

I think that’s it. :oP

Then Jody got home from work. We were still without a connection (two hours past the time we were supposed to be) so he called Comcast and got it straightened out (cuz apparently just bitching about it, as I had been doing, wasn’t enough to fix it).

What a day. It’s amazing what I’m able to get done when I am unable to access my drug of choice the Internets.  My conclusion is that maybe my service should be knocked out once a week. Comcast, can we arrange that? (Wait! Did I just say that outloud???) ‘Cause we both know that a self-imposed Internet-free day ain’t gonna happen. (And don’t even tell me I’m the only one.) :oP

21 thoughts on “No Internets = Major productivity?”

  1. See, you just summed up why I can’t Twitter–I just can’t bring myself to add to my computer addiction 😉

    Glad you had a nice day with the children and that you’re enjoying the canning/dehydrating! I’ve got to get some tomatoes on before we leave Friday, but I blogged all night instead of putting them on to dry (see–it’s sooooo darned addictive)…

    Did I mention I’m unplugging for a whole week for our trip? There’s wifi at the campground, but I’m leaving the laptop behind.

  2. That same thing happened to me the other day, just for a matter of hours, and I got so much done too! For me, the worst part of not having internet is how I keep thinking I’ll just pop over and check my email, and then I remember I can’t. It makes me feel like a dog wearing a plastic clown collar who keeps forgetting he can’t bite an itch. Pathetic, isn’t it? I think it may be partly because I’m constantly waiting to hear back about things from several different people via email.

  3. I will have to say that I think it was a good thing I went without my iPhone for several days. I got out of the habit of always being connected and since getting a new one yesterday, I’ve been leaving it alone to hopefully change my ways!


  4. Sounds like you were very productive!

    A few questions though….

    1. Do you use a food dehydrator for your dried fruit? Or some other method?

    2. What do you do with your dried fruit? Do you just eat it plain or do you put it in other things?


  5. I definitely relate. I complain about the inconsistency of my DSL connection (which is a real pain in the @$& when I need to get stuff done online), but I’m grateful for the no-internet time sometimes. It forces me to find more productive things to do with my time. I’m trying to get better at self-limiting my internet time, but so far it’s not going well. 🙂

  6. For a little while I was having Unplugged Thursdays. Every Thursday I would ban TV and computer. I quit doing that but I’ve been thinking about starting up again. It was wonderful having a day where I wasn’t thinking about checking my email and blogs every 15 minutes. My kids and I had wonderful days playing together, my house got sparkling clean and I noticed my stress levels were a lot lower because I wasn’t distracted and the kids get into whatever.


  7. i can agree too! due to the upcoming fantasy football season my husband is taking over the laptop lately… instead of using the basement office computer… (i set it all up and everything in high hopes!)
    Well his first night scouting – i scrapbooked! i do believe i would still be procrastinating starting that baby scrapbook!

    i shared your challenge around – i can not personally sign up, but i look up to all those that do !!

  8. It is definately a challenge that’s hard to stick to, but I’ve decided to give my kids at least 4 solid hours a day when I have the computer off. It’s not a whole day, but it helps!

  9. I’m trying to cut my computer time down to the window when my oldest is at school and the baby is taking her nap. If I’m being really green I don’t even turn it on until then. Love your blog, I’m adding you to my favorites. I guess I’m already a memeber of your 5 minute shower challenge but aren’t all moms?!

  10. Yes we are all struggling with the same issue..I schedule myself. On in the am to ck e-mails etc then off until 2:00 ish OK not off but I am homeschooling the kiddos but do ck my e-mails when they are busy..

    Summer was easy becasue we where outside/beach and No I DO NOT take the computer with me…cheers

  11. I made my husband put a password on the computer the other day…to keep myself off of it. I did get a lot done that way. But it leaves him wondering why his wife has no self control when it comes to the internet. I say it’s an addiction, I need help. 😉

  12. LOLZ! it’s my first time on your blog and I’M LOVING IT (i’m linking to you too)! re:internet free day…yep, unless you get cut off at the service provider’s there’s always going to be time for a twitter or a quick email check or a blog entry or photo upload…it’s how we keep sanity! although that pile of stuff in the corner i’ve been meaning to put away does seem to be close to developing a life of its own. i’ll do it later after i blog about it. LOL!

  13. I am up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning, why? Not to watch the sunset, not to wash last night’s dishes, not to begin making breakfast. I get up at 6 a.m. to have 1 hour of uninterrupted time on my computer. Then I proceed to spend most of the day in the vicinity of the computer. I could use a day of no internet service. Is there a Computeraholics Anonymous?

  14. We turn all movies off from 10 am to 5 pm on tues and thurs and the computer too. It’s TV Free Tuesdays and TV Free Thursdays. (unless it’s the laptop being connected to the tv for powerpoint for our homeschooling).

    Glad you found the time to get so much done while your internet was done.

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