SKOY eco-friendly cloths instead of paper towels (giveaway)

In keeping with the spirit of the Ditch the Disposables Challenge, I have to tell you about one of my new favorite eco-friendly paper towel replacements – the SKOY cloth. SKOY cloths are reusable, very absorbent, bright and fun, machine washable and microwavable, and at the end of their life, biodegradable. They are non-toxic, chlorine-free and made using water-based colors and inks. According to, “Using one SKOY cloth is the equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average home.”

SKOY clothSKOY clothsI’ve been giving the SKOY cloths a try for the past several weeks and they really are great. I’ve mostly been using them in the kitchen or for cleaning up faces and grubby little hands, but they also work well in the bathroom both to clean the room and to clean body parts. 🙂

Another great feature of the SKOY cloth is that because it dries quickly, it’s not a breeding ground for bacteria. I don’t know how many times I’ve picked up a sponge out of the kitchen sink only to have it leave my hand wreaking from God knows what. If you toss your wet SKOY in the microwave for a minute or two, you will keep it germ-free. It can also go safely through your dishwasher or your washer and dryer (or outside to dry on a clothesline – hint, hint).

After many, many uses (perhaps even up to a year or more), when your SKOY has finished it’s cleaning life cycle, it can be composted, though it will also break down in a landfill.

In addition to cloth towels or microfiber cloths, SKOY cloths are another great way to kick the paper towel habit once and for all.

Win It!
SKOY clothsThanks to SKOY, I’m giving away SIX 4-packs of SKOY cloths. All you need to do for a chance to win is first sign up (if you haven’t already) for my Ditch the Disposables Challenge. Then leave a comment on this post and make sure you include a valid email address or a blog URL so I have a way to contact you. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, Sept. 23. The six winners will be chosen using on Sept. 24 and notified via email. Good luck!

If anyone else makes or sells reusable products that are in line with the Ditch the Disposables Challenge and you’d like me to review them and do a giveaway, shoot me an email : crunchydomesticgoddess AT gmail DOT com. 🙂

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  1. Those look cool! There’s a paper towel commercial that just cracks me up. The kid spills a soda and he and his dad start betting on whether it’s a “two-sheeter” or a “three-sheeter.” Then the mom comes in and says “nope! One sheet!” They point out how the paper towel keeps working until the job is done (the mom rinses it out and comes back) and then she victoriously flips it into the trash. How on earth is that different from a TOWEL, except you put it in the laundry when you’re done instead? Weird.

  2. We use something similar. One of the things I really like about these is the multiple color options. I leave two in the kitchen. The pink one only gets used for high bacteria items like cleaning up meat juices. One of the last things I still used paper towels for.

  3. I would LOVE to win these cloths. Part of my challenge is to give up paper towels, which is going well. There are still times when I want to reach for the paper towels, and these cloths would come in handy for that, such as when the dog comes in and leaves wet footprints on the floor, and spills that would stain one of my towels.

  4. These would be great – we’ve already cut back on paper napkins and stopped using paper plates. Would love these as an alternative to paper towels. Thanks for the chance!

  5. This will really get the challenge off to a good start in our house. My husband is TERRIBLE when it comes to paper towel abuse.

    BTW, how do I get the button for my blog??

  6. Those SKOY cloths look great! Paper towels are the one thing that I struggle with the most as far as switching over to reusable things. I hate how wet sponges/dishcloths feel/smell and really like how these are supposed to dry quickly. I’d love to win a pack!

  7. I purged papertowel from my house last December (for the challenge I’m trying to ditch tissues.) I used cut up t-shirts and towels for cleaning everywhere but the kitchen. In the kitchen I still use cellouse sponges. I run them through the dishwasher to extend their life and cut them up and put them in my potted plants to make self watering soil at the end of their life cycle. But since all of my potted plants are now pretty set in the self watering situation, I really want to get away from using sponges. These wipes might be the answer.

  8. I would love those! I mentioned in my comment signing up for the challenge, that I occasionally rationalize paper towel use for particularly skeezy stuff.

    This sounds so much better!

  9. They sound awesome! I’m actually going to look into them. Lately, we seem to go through way too many rolls of paper towels. It’s not like they are cheap so why not invest in something reusable.

  10. I love the idea of these SKOY cloths! I hope I win, because I’ve been wanting to make the switch from paper towels to something reusable.

  11. I love that these clothes are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional! We’ve ditched the paper towel habit years ago, but I’m amazed by how quickly we go through rags and dishtowels. It would be nice to have a more attractive alternative. Thanks for introducing me to this product!

  12. I’m already signed up for your challenge and these would be a great help. I was just thinking last night how I’m always spilling things or making messes when I’m cooking and could never give up paper towels because I’d be doing laundry constantly to clean cloth towels. The SKOY cloth might be just what I need!

  13. I limit my consumption as much as I can, always using cloth bags for shopping, Sigg water bottles instead of disposable, and just try to limit my total consumption. Over the last month, we tore down an old shed (before the VT winter snows took it down) and I laboriously pulled nails out of all the boards, have stacked them up and am slowly finding uses for them. I just made a large box for kindling wood with the wood (and reclaimed nails) and now have plans for everything from a coffee table to frames with the beautiful weathered barn wood we saved.

  14. These would be super handy in the kitchen! I always find myself grabbing a paper towel when the hand towel isn’t “quite” clean enough to dry off the baby’s tray. This could be a dedicated “dry” cloth! Or for wiping up the spills on the floor when I don’t want to use a whole towel and end up using a paper towel… yup, they would be a good replacement in this house!
    Still haven’t finished those baby wipes…

  15. These look great – I bought a six-pack of reusable Handi Wipes to try to continue cutting down on our paper towel use, but the germ factor squicks me. They really don’t dry very well and they’re not at all attractive.

    The Skoys are fabulous. I’m putting them on my Christmas list if I’m not one of the lucky winners. 🙂

  16. These look great – I bought a six-pack of reusable Handi Wipes to try to continue cutting down on our paper towel use, but the germ factor squicks me. They really don’t dry very well and they’re not at all attractive.

    The Skoys are fabulous. I’m putting them on my Christmas list if I’m not one of the lucky winners. 🙂

  17. Wow – these look awesome! I would love to try them – I am currently trying to give up tissues, but would love to cut out paper towels as well!

    I just found your site Googling healthy and cheap recipes – I like what I’ve found!

  18. Was just searing the web for an alternative to paper towels and came across these. They look great. We just started cloth diapering our baby a month ago and we love it. I can’t wait to replace our paper towels with cloth.

  19. These look great! We go through so many paper towels here it’s not even funny anymore. I’ve made the switch to green cleaners in an effort to make our house more healthy after reading Green Goes With Everything by Sloan Barnett. Now I’m working at getting rid of the disposables too.

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  21. I was very excited to read about the non-plastic wrapped
    Paper towel alternative, skoy cloths. I hope I’m the lucky winner of a package of skoy so I can try them out.
    Thank you,
    Nadia zaleschuk

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