A wee bit bigger

I picked a couple of carrots from my garden yesterday to see if there really was anything connected to the leafy green bits that have erupted out of the earth. Here is what I found:
Baby carrots from our garden
I’m thinking they still have a bit longer to go. No? I mean, they are supposed to get bigger than my thumb nail, right? Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed the two itty-bitty baby carrots. 🙂

I’m hoping the carrots we’ll be picking today (along with a slew of other vegetables – potatoes, onions, butternut squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and more) will be just a wee bit bigger. 😉 We’re meeting up with some other families from our attachment parenting group and my sister at a local farm to pick veggies. The last time we went picking veggies at this farm I was 34 weeks pregnant with Julian. (We didn’t make it last year because the wind was awful on the day we were supposed to go.) My how time flies.

Anyone have any tips on storing veggies without a root cellar (like my friend Julie is building) for several months? Guess I’ll be doing some research this weekend along with cleaning my house since my in-laws are arriving in from Oklahoma on Monday. Oh, and there’s a Sustainable Living Fair and the play Birth happening this weekend in Fort Collins. Wish I could go to both, but I’m not sure there will be enough hours in the weekend for all of that! I swear autumn is always so much more busy for me than summer ever is.

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  1. Hey Amy,

    I just read an email from our CSA saying that carrots really come into their own after the first frost, so don’t worry they’ll get bigger.

    Also, storing veggies really depends on the type of veggies, but I freeze a lot of things.

    Tomatoes and Peppers can be cut up and simply frozen as is. I also blanch and freeze greens such as kale, collards, and chard in little freezer baggies and then you can use them in soups later in the winter.

    Squash you can cook in the oven and let cool, then mash up and freeze. If you want to keep things fresh without freezing, you can keep some things in the bottom drawers of the fridge for weeks, even months if they are really winter veggies such as root veggies. I also found these forever green bags on sale at a local odd lot store (Ocean State Job Lot) for those of you that live in New England. They keep greens and other veggies fresh for at least 2 weeks. They are supposed to be environmentally friendly too because you can reuse them many many times.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Cute carrots! 🙂 If you planted them awhile ago, then I agree that you should thin them out a bit more.

    Have fun picking veggies! I want to build a root cellar for our new house, but I haven’t exactly mentioned that to DH yet! LOL The house has an old coal cellar that I hope will convert fairly easily.

    I also wanted to make it to the sustainable living fair, but it isn’t going to happen. Maybe next year!

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