My first EcoMom meeting

ecomommember.jpgOn Thursday of last week I went to my first EcoMom party/meeting at Alison’s (of Green Me) house. I didn’t even know she was local to me until a few weeks ago when I met up with her on Facebook thanks to Julie.

I picked up Melissa (‘cuz carpooling is the environmentally-friendly thing to do, yo) and we joined about 20 moms in attendance – all of us concerned with helping to make the world a better, safer, greener place for our children. Add some local food and drinks (beer and wine) to that green mama passion and I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all.

We mingled, ate, drank, watched Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff (that I blogged about here), and had some discussions about organic clothing, CFLs, eating local, biking with kids and other topics. Alison mentioned my Ditch the Disposables Challenge and challenged all of the moms present to give up paper towels for the month of October. She gave us all some biodegradable Twist sponges to get us started (and some Rudi’s Organic bagels too – not for the challenge, but I was thankful for them nonetheless). The only problem with the evening is that there wasn’t enough time to talk about everything. (Isn’t that always the way?)

Alison is hoping to keep the momentum going and organize some more EcoMom meetings and I have to say I’m excited about it. It’s one thing to be involved in green living with the online community through my blog, but it’s another thing to see local moms in my neck of the woods who are interested in doing their part too.

You can read more about the evening at Green Me. To sign up to be a member of the EcoMom Alliance (which I just did tonight) and join over 11,000 EcoMom members around the globe, visit EcoMom Alliance. You can also check out the EcoMom Challenge – 10 First Steps for a Sustainable Future. There’s no cost to join, though donations are appreciated.

9 thoughts on “My first EcoMom meeting”

  1. hmm hope you were doing maintenance because your blog just went *poof*

    That or my amazing first comment wowed it off the internet 😀

    Probably not though.

    I so would love to find a group like that up here 🙂 Once things have settled down a little!

  2. Chelle — the EcoMom Alliance and be joined and started by anyone, anywhere! There are mom’s all around the world participating. Just follow Crunchy’s links and you too can get involved!

    Crunchy — I am so glad that you enjoyed the night and that we have our own little growing EcoMom movement locally! Hopefully this will help us see the change we’ve all been dreaming about!


  3. SO jealous, first off I have yet to see any Oklahoma eco bloggers and second I’m not a mom and so much of this kind of stuff is for moms. I’m thinking of making a fake life for my dog and saying she is my kid lol. Or maybe take some friends kid for the day and take lots of pictures making you all think I have a kid.

    On second thought I shouldn’t have told people my plan…

    Anyway sounds like so much fun!!!

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