Ditch the Disposables Challenge : Check-in #2

We are now nearly a month into the Ditch the Disposables challenge and at last count there were just over 100 people signed up! That’s wonderful news! Thank you all for giving the challenge a go.

How are you doing with it?

As for me and my switch to the MoonCup and cloth pads (for backup), I don’t have anything new to report. It went well for me earlier in the month, but I haven’t had to use them again yet. As for my switch from tissues to handkerchiefs, I can’t say I’ve been doing quite as well. I received the cloth handkerchiefs that my mom made for me and while I’ve been using them some of the time, I still find myself preferring to use tissues or, now that I’ve run out of tissues, toilet paper for blowing my nose. My allergies seem to be particularly bad lately so I’m blowing my nose A LOT.

Hope you all are faring well. There’s only one more month let in the challenge (although if you want to make the switch a permanent one, I certainly won’t argue with you). Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this, who has blogged about the challenge and helped spread the word and inspired others to give it a try as well. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Ditch the Disposables Challenge : Check-in #2”

  1. I joined for October – my challenge is to get dh to get rid of papertowels, as the rest of us have already – and am raring to go. I’ve already “warned” him that this roll, when it’s gone, isn’t being replaced. And there are less than 5 on the roll, I’m guessing. I’m wondering if he’s going to have a secret stash of them. 😀

  2. Doing well, here! The “package of assorted handkerchiefs” I got cheap on ebay came in — there are more than enough for me to keep one in my purses/backpack/desk/bedroom so I never have to go for a tissue. Also, there were some “manly” ones for Boyfriend, so he’s stopped using tissues as well.

    The other part I signed up for was to stop using disposable feminine hygiene products, and that’s not going so well. I had a half-package of disposables that I wanted to use up before getting something different. . . and I haven’t run out yet! There are apparently more than I’d thought.

  3. Ditching the disposable feminine products was great. However, ditching the disposable diapers isn’t going well at all.

    Daughter is not ready to give up her diapers and I’m not able to purchase cloth diapers or the materials to make my own.

  4. The only time I used paper towels recently was tie-dyeing. I had to, because I didn’t want to get dye all over my regular towels. Other than that we are doing great with it. Well, except for at work, but I can’t help that. I haven’t done as well with the handkerchiefs–it just feels weird to use them, like I’m messing something up. I’ll get used to it though. I just finished sewing a cloth pad and it turned out horrible! I am still experimenting with what type pattern is best, but hopefully I will find it soon.

  5. I Failed on this week. I stopped for a coffee and forgot my commuter mug. Luckily the cup at Tully’s was compostable- but that doesn’t make it all right. It’s very unusual for me to forget my mug. Anyway I didn’t forget it any other time this week. And I remembered my shopping bags so no plastic bags this week.

  6. I am going okay. I have forgot to mention in my recent check ins that i even took off my acrylic nails!! I can’t believe that i have lasted this long!!!!

    this was a challenge that most people need i believe!! I love it

  7. It’s gone well. Since my in-laws (which I’m living with) still use tons of disposables (I’m the crazy eco-chick in the house) I find myself forgetting and using a paper towel at times. But I’m getting better at remembering. I did use a paper napkin the other day to which I still feel guilty. I just took one without thinking while at a meal after a funeral of a dear family friend so I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself since I was not really thinking that day.

    Also that night went to eat with my parents at a local Italian place and a straw and little plastic thing to hold fruit came in my drink (note to self, as for no plastic when ordering a hurricane at this place) and I was talking to my mom and started to take another straw out of the paper and while I noticed it was to late. That was a bad day for me.

    Other than that I have done pretty well I think.

  8. I chose the world’s easiest switch – to ditch my purse-pack tissues in favor of handkerchiefs. It’s been easier than I’d ever thought, at least for me and our 4 y.o.

    The challenge is about *other* kids in the ‘hood. We’re at that stage when one child saying, “Mommy, I need a tissue” at the playground means everyone needs a tissue. As we head towards colder weather, I wonder – do I keep the disposables around just for such moments, or carry three or four handkerchiefs in my (already bulging) bag?

  9. I have successfully stopped using tissues for my nose, but for killing spiders I can’t stop using them. We have a serious spider problem right now and I refuse to get the house sprayed, so I kill them with tissues.

  10. Doing great! Although I probably look pretty weird walking out of a store with my bagless purchase when I forget my re-useable bag. I might not remember my bags for a quick pick-up of one or two items but at least I remember to say – No bag please!

    With respect to groceries – 100% commitment since I have gotten my produce bags. I am very proud of myself. My husband thinks I am a little strange.

  11. While I wasn’t originally going to ditch the disposable diapers, we switched to cloth last Friday. We have to go to the laundromat, but I’ve decided it’s worth it to save the environment. It’s just an extra 2-3 hours a week- I can get some knitting done.

    And I wasn’t going to go to the Diva Cup either because I hadn’t gotten my period after my pregnancy yet- except I did get it back last week. I’m off to buy my Diva Cup now!

    Meanwhile, I’ve finally got my DH on board for the paper towels!

  12. The challenge has been going great, here! I have totally given up paper towels and paper napkins for cloth. It kind of makes for a nicer dinnertime – just the touch of cloth napkins really does make a difference.

  13. i’m having fun – i bought a bunch of silicone cupcake liners to use in lunchboxes, now my lunches for my kids are almost completely waste-free. woo hoo!

    also, i’ve noticed that we’ve started putting out far less trash (still lots of recycling, but oh well) each week, so something must be going right.

    (funny: my first grader went on a field trip last week. the note asked for a “disposable lunch” to be sent along. i wasn’t quite sure how to make one!)

  14. I was doing very well with ditching tissues for handkercheifs until last Saturday. I woke up in the middle of the night with my pollen allergies raging and a stuffy head. In the dark I stumbled into the bathroom, grabbed a tissue from the box…

    and blew it.

  15. I have done amazingly well … I have used ONE paper towel (to clean out our compost box and then the paper towel went in the compost box that cannot count right!?!?!?!?)

  16. I’m doing quite well, and it wasn’t that hard for us (no more napkins), but I still forget sometimes to keep one in my purse for eating out, so then I try to limit myself to just one. 🙂

  17. we are moving and I’ve not purchased the snack bags. I’m trying to rid myself of the other plastic bags and then I’ll get some. I have however, managed to get all the containers (good quality that will last) for lunches. I am finding that as I reuse the containers I have, the baggies are lasting much longer. AND a bonus, my kids don’t throw away the spoons, containers or cloth napkin that goes in their lunch box. Way to go fellas!

  18. I used to read your blog years ago, but lost touch with the mommy blogging world for a while.
    I am back and just in time because I took a big leap this month that fits right in with this challenge. I started using cloth diapers! I have been wanting to do this since before my children were born, but never had the guts. I am so happy to be doing it now and couldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward to more challenges in the future.

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