Brock Omama for pwesident – Wordless Wednesday

I haven’t written much about my political views here. It’s not because I don’t want to share them or that I’m afraid of turning off some readers (that’s not it at all). It’s due to lack of time, which I admit, with an election that is as important as this one, that’s a pretty lame excuse. I plan to write a bit more about my thoughts later this week, but for now I’ll leave you with two very cute Obama supporters.

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25 thoughts on “Brock Omama for pwesident – Wordless Wednesday”

  1. That is too cute. I love the way Julian says it.

    During the Olympics, there were a lot of Obama commercials, and Ryan was watching the Olympics, so he saw his commercials.

    We never talked politics with the kids, one way or another, but when I was watching the RNC, Ryan walked into the room, looked at the TV, and asked,

    “When does Barack Obama come on?” It was funny- and amazing how much they pick up from TV.

  2. How adorable! I love that you are cultivating political awareness in them already.

    I’ll be checking back for your political post. You might enjoy mine – posted yesterday.

  3. They’re adorable! They remind me of my 3 year old son. We were sitting in the living room the other night with the TV on and my son suddenly looks up from the truck he’s pushing around on the floor and goes “B’rock ‘Bama!” Quite out of the blue. My older son, for fun goes, W.W. say McCain. Turning back to his truck he goes “No, B’rock ‘Bama!” I was rolling on the floor. It was too funny. 🙂

  4. I agree with your opening comments – too busy to make a post about the election. I also have so much that I would like to share that I have to focus on one thing per day or this lady would be posting 3 or more a day.

  5. My daughter helped me with a big Bawack fundraiser last month. 🙂

    We got invited to a lesbian commitment ceremony last summer and my then 6 year old said “Look Daddy! A gay marriage! Don’t tell Tom Delay.” The brainwashing starts early at the Blicky homestead. 🙂

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