The Time for Change is Now: A Call to Action Part 1

If not me, who? If not now, when?
— Mikhail Gorbachev

obama_sunrise.JPGAfter reading and hearing about some of my friends* doing fund-raising and volunteering for the Obama campaign, last weekend while out running errands, the family and I stopped in our local Democrat headquarters and I inquired as to what I could do to help. I happily signed up to call democrats and undeclared voters in my city to remind them to turn in their mail-in ballots. I hadn’t given a whole lot of thought as to when I would do the calls, I just knew that I feel so strongly about this election that I wanted to do something more than exercise my right and responsibility to vote.

The first day I tried to make calls while the kids were playing outside. I got through about seven calls before Ava came to the backdoor and started yelling – while I was in the middle of a call, of course. The woman on the other end chuckled and I said, “You can’t tell I’m making this call from home, can you?” 😉 I decided then that I should probably reserve my calling time to when my husband Jody was home in the evening or on the weekend.

On Tuesday night with Jody home to tend to the kids, I got through about five pages of calls while sitting in my car in the driveway. Seriously. That’s not exactly what I had planned when I signed up to volunteer, but it was quiet and there was no one to disturb me. 🙂

Even though there are less than two weeks until the election, there is still a great need for volunteers (and donations as well). Beyond making calls to remind people to return their ballots or remind them of their polling places, etc., volunteers are needed for other reasons. Volunteers are still needed to canvass local neighborhoods, especially in key swing states like Colorado (where I live). They are needed to drive people without cars or licenses to and from the polls on election day. There is also data entry work to be done (which would be a lot more practical for this mom to do at home in her jammies). And although this is not an actual volunteer position (but something that I’m sure would be very much appreciated), one can always deliver snacks, meals, etc. to the poll workers on election day.

That quote by Gorbachev has been going through my mind a lot lately. If not me, who? If not now, when? In these last few days it’s up to all of us to do whatever we can, whether that be talking with our friends and families about our choices, blogging about it, pointing out lies that the GOP is spreading (I just got a flier in the mail today saying Barack Obama is a friend of terrorists – paid for by the Colorado GOP), volunteering on a formal level, etc. If you’ve been wanting to do something, but not knowing what you can do, I encourage you to visit or call your local Democratic office and ask. It’s that easy and I bet you you’ll feel so good about yourself once you’ve done it. The time is now.

* There will be a follow-up post to this one chronicling the volunteer efforts of my mom and a few of my friends. They’ve inspired me to get involved and it is my hope that maybe they will help inspire you too.

Still not convinced you need to do something to help Obama secure this election? Watch this video. Maybe it will change your mind. The time is now.

24 thoughts on “The Time for Change is Now: A Call to Action Part 1”

  1. This is such a great post!

    It is so important to get involved. I am, and you’re right, it feels good.

    We are our government. To sit back and do nothing speaks highly of you, not the system.


  2. This is such a great post!

    It is so important to get involved. I am, and you’re right, it feels good.

    We are our government. To sit back and do nothing speaks highly of you, not the system.


  3. Way to go!

    You’re comment about sitting in your car making phone calls made me chuckle. When I was setting up interviews for my first job I had to do that. Not because of little ones, but because I had these two birds that would painfully start shrieking everytime I got on the phone.

  4. While I’m not politically active myself, I really appreciate all the work that goes into it, and all the time and effort that moms like you put into supporting education and personal responsibility. I stumbled you!


  5. I think it is great that people are volunteering to ensure that people are registered to vote. I have seen numerous democratic volunteers but no republican. I can only hope that democratic volunteers would help both republican and democratic voters to register and get to the polls.

    I think it is important that everybody gets to the polls and gets their chance to vote no matter their party of choice.

    Disclaimer: I am neither republican nor democratic. I vote for the person best suited to the job regardless of their party.

  6. It is important to volunteer and to vote. But isn’t it kind of sad that you’re only calling your party to vote? It’s everyone’s responsibility to vote. I wish we could all be more non-partisan.
    (and no, I don’t believe Obama is a terrorist or any of that other crap that people are throwing around, but I’m still not voting for him)

  7. Krista – In a perfect world, I agree that it’d be great if both parties could reach out to the other side. To my knowledge however, that’s how both parties work – they only call their own and the undeclared voters. I was actually glad to hear that ‘cuz I can only imagine how a Republican getting a phone call from a volunteer from the Democratic Party would respond. Heck, I already had one person hang up on me (the husband – I presume – of an undeclared woman voter). I wouldn’t want to deal w/ all of the swearing and hangups I’m sure I’d receive from calling across party lines. It’d be discouraging to say the least.

  8. Well said.

    I made calls yesterday to “first time voters” (either new voters, people who moved to CO or folks who hadn’t voted in the last presidential election). My duty was to remind them to send in a copy of their ID with their mail-in ballot…And, every single person that I actually talked to DID NOT KNOW that they needed to do this! Scary. And, proof that these calls are so very important! Thanks for highlighting the need!

    BTW if you are a “new voter” and didn’t send in a copy of your idea, just take your ID to your local county clerk office and they will straighten things out!

  9. Way to go Amy!

    As for calling all people…uh…no way. I am all for Republicans NOT showing up to vote this year. They showed up in 2000 and 2004 and we ended up with Bush…blah. Here is to hoping they stay home this year or vote for a third party, LOL.

  10. Beyond the election and its importance in its own right, if people are interested in trying to do something for the country as a whole, take a look at Naomi Wolf’s new book. I attended a reading by her earlier this week and was inspired by her call to citizen action.

  11. I’m so glad you wrote this! We spent a couple of Sundays canvassing in VA and it made us feel useful; I’m doing phoning too – it IS hard to find time, isn’t it?
    I just wrote a post begging lawyers to sign up for election protection. If you know any, ask them to do it. There is going to be a LOT of bad activity trying to keep new voters and minorities from voting and the call centers will be critical.
    Thanks for this reminder Crunchette….

  12. I’ve been feeling the same way about this election. It may be the most important of our time, and while I live in one of the reddest states in the nation, I still feel like I need to do *something*. Thanks for your contribution, and your inspiration for me to make mine!

  13. My heart and thoughts are with you in your efforts with the election. The Canadian election did not turn out as I was hoping, here is to yours being much more promising.
    I have left you something on my blog. If you are looking for a fun break from your phone calls, tag…

  14. great post, amy! i’m also going to call voters this week. i’m getting so nervous and excited for this election to be over…

    p.s. the quote may have been said by gorbachev, but it’s originally from the Talmud. A great rabbi, Rabbi Hillel (first century C.E.) said it –

    “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am [only] for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?” (Avot 1:14). Im ein ani li, mi li? U’ch’she’ani l’atzmi moh ani? V’im lo achshav eimatai?

    One of my favorites;-)

  15. That’s great that you’re getting involved. I don’t know when I could get a quiet moment in my home (with 5 kids) to make calls either. Since I value human life, I won’t be voting for Obama. But I do admire your effort. May God have mercy on us all.

  16. I appreciate your efforts deeply to help Obama to win, you are doing such an important job.

    Rebekah – I would like to know where you based on your opinion, I value human life and that’s why I am supporting Obama.

  17. Great post. I admire what you’re doing! I made calls for Obama in Florida on Saturday and it was a great experience. Talked with so many wonderful people and really felt like I made a difference. Thanks for all you’re doing!

  18. I based my opinion on his voting record when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable humans of all.

    I just wanted to point out that one could be a breastfeeding, homebirthing mama who tries to protect our environment and NOT vote for Obama.

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