Voting: Before and After

This post was inspired by Morningside Mom‘s cute voter makeover post yesterday.

On Thursday, after Jody and I had finally completed our monstrous mail-in ballots, Julian and I picked up Ava from preschool and headed downtown to drop off the ballots in person (and save $.59 x 2 on stamps). We drove around the block two times before finding a parking space a block away. Because this was the location of the early voting as well as the drop-off for mail-in ballots, it was THE place to be.

Before voting, I was a tired, frazzled, but ever-hopeful Obama Mama.
Tired Amy pre-voting

We went into the county clerk’s office where Ava got to put the ballots into the box all by herself. (I’m cursing myself for not taking a picture.) She was so proud and said, “I voted!” Then when we walked outside she said, “Did we just vote for Brock Obama?” πŸ™‚

After voting, I honestly felt energized, excited and proud, not only of Ava for her enthusiasm in the political process this year, but of all of the people who were turning in mail-in ballots and voting early. This is an exciting time to live in!
Energized Amy post-voting

And I did get a picture of Ava once we got home, with an “I voted” sticker on.
Ava voted!

I know many of you are getting sick of the political posts here, there and everywhere. Based on the fact that I’ve had some email subscribers cancel lately, I think perhaps some of you don’t want to hear about politics on my blog either (though my subscriber #s have gone up overall so I can’t complain!). But there are only 4 days left until election day and I have to be honest, you might read a bit more about politics on this here blog before I go back to business as usual. I feel it’s my right and really my obligation to share my thoughts.

Happy Halloween to all! πŸ™‚ And, if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to VOTE next week!

22 thoughts on “Voting: Before and After”

  1. Woo hoo!!! I know, don’t you feel just like a new woman afterwards?! Ok, and now we’ve done our part. All we have to do is wait. Wringing hands over here. Awesome post! πŸ™‚

  2. Amy,
    Don’t curse yourself for not taking Ava’s picture putting the ballot in the box. They wouldn’t have let you.

    How do I know? I voted yesterday and tried to take a picture of myself putting it in with the kids there.

    But first I tried to take a picture of the kids under the table where I had just voted. Since it was near the entrance/exit, one of the staff saw me and came running over, almost yelling! “No, no, no! No cameras!!”.

    Then she started to tell me about a 100 yard rule… but wasn’t sure about it. So the “woman in the know” told me I could take pictures of the kids outside of the building by the “Vote Here” sign.

    And that whole story will be going up on my blog by Election Day, if not before, with pictures. πŸ˜€

    But not of me. LOL

  3. I love taking my kids when I go to vote–they’ll always remember that mom (and dad) thought voting was important. And they love getting the stickers πŸ™‚

  4. Great post and cute pictures of you. Thanks for raising a smart, concientious future voter in Ava (Julian will be six the next time we go through this and then he’ll learn about voting also)from a proud mother and grandmother. Get Out The Vote!

  5. As a Canadian who won’t be voting for Obama or McCain, I have to say that your voting posts simply seem to reflect the priorities in your life and that’s what why I’m here. I managed a small “vote childcare” post during our election and put an electronic lawn sign encouraging people to vote. Now, I wish that I’d volunteered somewhere in one of the ways that you mentioned. Follow your passion. People can always skim or skip the posts that don’t speak to them.

  6. I agree that you should continue to post about politics (as you wish) both because it is something you are passionate about, and because this election is sooo important. Also, reading your posts give me hope: with you being in a swing state, your vote and your enthusiasm are invaluable!

  7. Barb’s right, no pics inside or else I was going to get one of my son holding my ballot with Obama marked. I admire that you are brave enough to post your political leanings. Of course, as a true green-y, I would have figured you for an Obama Mama.

  8. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the recent political blogs. So many bloggers like to avoid politics, but I can’t imagine writing so much about your life and leaving out the politics, especially at a time like this! Keep it up!

  9. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the recent political blogs. So many bloggers like to avoid politics, but I canÒ€ℒt imagine writing so much about your life and leaving out the politics, especially at a time like this! Keep it up!

  10. It is such an important election, I think it is great that you combine this topic on your blog with other social issues. I am an Australian and will certainly be hoping that many more voters do the same as you and vote for Obama.

  11. I like that you’re posting about your political beliefs, especially since this is such a crucial election!

    I voted early and I truly believe that Obama will be our next president.


  12. Just doing your part, right Amy? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I work for our local news station, so I’m SO TIRED of hearing about the election! I voted a couple of weeks ago when early voting started, so I’m feeling pretty good about life. Another Mama for Obama!

  13. Poltics is just as important as everything else you blog about… don’t let a few who don’t like what you say dictate your right to speak your mind!! I have an IAM FOR OBAMA sign on my fence and it just irritates the hell out of my neighbor across the street.You know your typical white guy who says Obama is arab the fun part was telling him 1- not to believe everything you read on the internet and 2- I have Syrian relatives you damn bigot! (which is true- even though they are strict rethuglicans who voted for McCain)But they are North Dakotan which signifies a lot!

  14. I am so tired of your political opinions that I have stopped reading your blog. I may or may not pick it back up. I believe that your political opinions are so far misguided that it makes it difficult to believe any of the information you post. God help us all if Obama wins!

  15. Love the posts. Thank you! It’s actually quite brave to just let it all hang out. I love how that person who is infuriated that you are so misguided didn’t put their real name. Way to stand behind your words.

    My blog is open for guest posts if anyone is interested. As you can see by the name.. I’m one of those misguided people as well…

  16. SO tired,

    I certainly understand that it can be frustrating to read differing opinions from sources you otherwise may enjoy. However, let me encourage you to not join the ranks of the woefully misinformed, or underinformed on both sides of the aisle by reading only sources you agree with on matters of politics.

    For instance, I love the author Christopher Hitchens. I agree with him on matters of religion. However, he’s a neo-con whose politics I could hardly disagree with more. Yet I continue to read him, because I think he offers me crucial information.

    CDG has excellent insight and information to offer, and I doubt her posts on issues such as the plight of Haitian mothers are tainted by her politics.

  17. I love your blog! And I love all the political posts. I mean, this election is so very important. Anyone who cancels because of these posts doesn’t much care anyway. It’s your blog, post away!! If there’s dissent, they can let you know, and maybe open up a real discussion.

    Keep it up!

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