My video blogging (of sorts) debut

Earlier this week I was asked to be a part of a project by Purple States called 50/50/50 – where 50 bloggers, in 50 states respond to questions about the current economic crisis. A new video is added to the site (in alphabetical order by state) for 50 days. There is also an ongoing discussion about the economy and politics in general on the site.

I’ve never done any interviews or video blogging before so this was all new to me (and, I admit, a little nerve-racking at first). I took nearly 20 minutes total video of myself (some recorded between midnight and 1 in the morning(!), when the house was actually quiet LOL and I’m nursing Julian in one of the clips too – can you spot it? Ava even got to “man” the camera in part of it) answering various questions and showing off some of my every day life. It was all edited down to a 2 1/2 minute clip.

Previous projects by Purple States were featured on the Washington Post and New York Times sites, and this particular project has the potential to be picked up by sites like, and others. I’m excited to be a part of it and honored to have been chosen to represent Colorado.

You can check out my video and those from other states on or just watch my video below.

16 thoughts on “My video blogging (of sorts) debut”

  1. Your video is perfect… very warm and wonderful. And as a mama who nursed my baby until she was 3, I truly love the little nursing peek (I’m now a grandma of 9, and my baby is 28!).

    I have learned so very much from my time on blogs such as yours, and I know that our world is becoming better and more beautiful and more safe by the moment. Thank you for this…

  2. Great job sistah! 🙂 C said “Is that Amy??” hee hee I’m glad that you were able to do it and thanks for representing the SAHMs!!!!

  3. Hi! I’m new to your blog and I wanted to say that I love it! I am also new to caring about the environment and am learning so much as I read through your posts…That sounds weird, I know, but literally I am new to caring because I just didn’t care until a few months ago when my Hubby convinced me to start recycling and then I saw all that I had been wasting (took nearly two months to sink in) and now I see it everywhere!

    Anyways, I could go on and on…but I won’t.

    Again, great blog!

  4. Really nice job on the video. The mountains near your home are gorgeous!

    I was curious about your comment that in order to sell your house you’d need to list it as way below market price. Isn’t the market price the price at which it attracts a buyer? My guess is that your neighbors have listed their homes above the market price and therefore aren’t attracting buyers. Since there are so many emotions wrapped up in an owner’s valuation of worth, it takes a while for them to go down, making the prices sticky. But I’ve seen wonders happen in my neighborhood when the sellers drop the price 15%. All of a sudden, after months of no interest, they have some serious buyers. I think they just recognized where the market prices are in today’s market.

  5. Beautiful family.

    If you sell your house at a low price, you will also buy a new one at a low price, so it balances out.

    I have heard that estimates give us 5 more years with the current polar ice caps. When they melt, many coastal cities will be no more. I think your comment about if we don’t address this now, nothing else will be important anyway was dead on.

    You have a great voice for radio. Ever thought of doing podcasts or voice over work?

  6. Great video, very natural, real, informative. I miss when my boys were little and we snuggled together reading. You also captured the reality of momhood, laundry, food, car share, it isn’t always a snuggle, sometimes a struggle as we try to keep the little people “entertained.”

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