A return to normalcy

After a couple of wild days around here (blog traffic* that was through the roof and a newspaper interview), the Motrinmoms buzz is dying down and things are returning to normal – uh, whatever that means. I guess for me it means today I’m baking seeds from a butternut squash and two pie pumpkins and I’ve got an organic chicken in the crockpot for dinner. I need to make some pear-apple sauce too from several pears I have that are more than ripe at this point. I’ve been slacking off on my cooking lately. Ava is having her preschool Thanksgiving potluck lunch today at school and we took mashed potatoes (made with locally-grown potatoes). Julian is turning 2 on Sunday and I can hardly believe it. He’s already exerting his independence and seems to be as stubborn strong-willed as his big sister and mama. Oh, and my mom arrived into town and will be staying out here in Colorado for an extended visit. Jody and I are hoping to get some date nights (if we can remember how those work) since we’ll have a willing and able babysitter.

If you’d like to read the newspaper article it is here: Local blogger stops national ad – on the front page of today’s paper. And here’s the photo that accompanied it.


The caption: Local “mommy blogger” Amy Gates played a major role in an online protest of a Motrin ad that many moms found demeaning. The Motrin ad suggested some moms “wear their babies” as a fashion accessory and that it leaves moms sore, but it’s a “good kind of pain” because it’s for the baby. Gates posted a twitter feed about the ad Saturday that erupted into an online firestorm. Joshua Buck/Times-Call

* My blog racked in nearly 6,000 visits on Monday – that’s about 12 times the amount of traffic I usually get.

9 thoughts on “A return to normalcy”

  1. w00t girl you are rocking the “mommy” politics! hehe I love that you were interviewed! Shining light on Green living, motherhood and the like is always a good thing.

    Many congrats!

    ps I love that photo!

  2. I followed a link here earlier this week regarding the Mortin thing and noticed you were in Colorado. And then I saw you in the paper this evening! I feel like I “know” someone famous. Love your site! I’ll be back.

  3. I read about this in the Chicago Tribune (after already reading it on your blog!) and then saw it on the news that evening. Kudos to being so influential in something so big!

  4. Well, you deserve all the traffic and the brouhaha. I can’t wait to see what incredible things come down the pike for you as a result of this recognition that you are a fabulous writer and a powerful woman/mom. Cheers!!!

  5. Great job on the Motrin ad. You’ve shown that individual voices can make a difference.

    What’s in the crockpot besides the chicken?

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