Moving on to the chicken crusade

hens.jpgNow that the election is over and Obama has been elected our next president, and Motrin has taken down their offensive ad, I need a new cause to occupy my time. 😉 My latest crusade is to get an ordinance passed in my city to allow backyard hens (no roosters). I wrote about this a bit before, but last night I decided to start a new blog devoted entirely to getting the ordinance passed. (UPDATE: I previously said I wasn’t ready to release the URL yet, but my partner in crime and I are ready now. It’s Urban Hens.) I have a lot of work to do in the weeks ahead. Our city council should be voting on the ordinance in December.

If you’ve recently had an ordinance passed in your town that allowed backyard hens and you have any suggestions or resources to share, I would be most appreciative. Feel free to email me or leave a comment. Thanks. 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get clucking. I’ve got a craft show to check out, a house to clean, and a certain little boy’s 2nd birthday to prepare for.

15 thoughts on “Moving on to the chicken crusade”

  1. Too funny. My husband found this post before I did and I’d failed to mention to him my new hobby as chicken crusader. Fortunately, he is sunny side up when it comes to chickens (and the requisite eggs)!

  2. Cool, go for it! We have it written into our subdivision rules (specifically, no chicken coops) so I think I’m out of luck.

  3. I think I mentioned this before, but I’ll do it again.

    You may not need to get a new ordinance passed. The loop hole a lot of places have found is under the pet guidelines. Most communities have a limit on the number of pets you can have. So, you have a few chicken “pets”.

    Probably no need to get all crusader on this, although if that floats your boat (and it seems to), go for it.

    Could also be an ask forgiveness, not permission issue. Your pets, unless they bother your neighbors, may not require any change of policy. If you make a lot of noise on this, then you will be scrutinized more and if they decide a big no on the issue, it will never happen for you.

  4. We have backyard chickens, and they are allowed (obviously) within the city limits in our town. However, some of the surrounding smaller towns do not allow chickens. One family has been posting a blog in a neighboring town to document their plight to have chickens allowed. The recently had *some* success (yay!). It might be helpful for you:

  5. One other note: In Raleigh, poultry is not permitted within the city limits. However, poultry is defined as a large flock of birds that are for-profit. So a flock of poultry that is used specifically for egg production for profit or slaughtered are not allowed. However, our girls are pets – a different definition. Yes, we occasionally sell the eggs, but for the most part, our chickens are loved and we give their eggs to friends and neighbors. Just a little ammo for you in your fight.

  6. Yeah, I think since chickens are considered pets here too, we can have up to 3 of them. We recently got goats added to that as well, but it was a Seattle City Council member that took that on as his pet project (ha!) and managed to get it pushed through.

    Good luck!

  7. Amy, what a cool project to embark on 🙂 my husband grew up in a rural area and raised chickens for eggs and meat for several years as a kid. i’ve often thought it would be great for us to do that, but unfortunately they frown on that where we live. one day i hope we can have a spot in a more rural area where it wouldn’t be a problem! until then i’ll have to live vicariously through you 🙂

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