Crafting pizza, mail, and sachets out of felt!

I’m not usually a very crafty person. I would like to be, but I just haven’t gone there yet and figure I have enough things to occupy my time without adding crafts to the mix too. 😉

However, in the spirit of the No Plastic Holiday Challenge (which means no gifts with plastic, not refraining from buying using plastic i.e. your credit cards, although that’s a good idea too), I’m forcing myself to get crafty. I’ve come across more cute homemade kid present ideas on blogs lately than I can recall, but I’ve settled on a few that I want to give a try.

felt play pizzaThe first is this homemade play pizza set made out of felt. No sewing involved, which is a definite plus in my book. Even though I have my mom’s old sewing machine, I have no idea how to thread it. I want to make two of these – one for each kid.

Photo courtesy of: Pink and Green Mama

mail setThe next thing that I want to try making is this Jolly Little Postal Worker set. This one requires some sewing, but I think I could do it by hand pretty easily. Ava loves to play “mail,” so I think she’d get a kick out of this and I’m sure Julian would be happy to join in on the fun. It’s not made out of felt in the instructions, but I’m enjoying working with felt and think that’s probably what I will use. Photo courtesy of: Craft Pad

That’s all I have planned so far for the kids, but I’m extending my craftiness to include some family member gifts too. I got the idea to make sachets from my friend Julie (who has yet to blog about it or I’d link to her post *nudge, nudge*). Basically, I’m sewing (by hand) the homemade felt sachetperson’s first initial on one of two small pieces of felt, then taking two small squares of felt and sewing them together with yarn and putting a loop of ribbon at the top (in case the recipient wants to hang it instead of put it in a drawer). Then the sachets will be stuffed with wool (if I can find a local place to buy some) that is scented with essential oils. I chose to use lavender and sweet orange.

Ava is really big on sewing these days (thank you, Waldorf preschool) and will be able to do a little of the stitching (we use thicker needles so she’s less apt to poke herself), and I think Julian will get in on the stuffing part. I like that they can get involved in the gift making this way. I made a test sachet tonight for Ava – pictured at left – and stuffed it with cotton balls, because I was desperate and do not yet have any wool. It’s not perfect, but I thought it turned out pretty cute. The nice thing is it was quick and easy to make and if I can get the kids involved in the process, it will make the little gifts that much more meaningful to the recipient. And now as I sit here looking at this sachet, I’m thinking we might make some felt ornaments too. Same process, but we won’t have to scent the wool. Cool! 🙂

So those are my upcoming craft projects. Between the crafts and the leadership role I’ve taken on (with a few others) for the urban hen movement (we’re working on a petition and will be hosting a public educational urban hen meeting in a couple weeks), I’m going to have a very busy December.

How about you? Do you have any craft projects you are currently working on? Care to share links? I’m always amazed at the things other people come up with and I could seriously read craft blogs all day. Ya know, in my spare time. 😉

18 thoughts on “Crafting pizza, mail, and sachets out of felt!”

  1. I am busy sewing a basket full of felt food for littlepixie. It wouldn’t fall under your no-plastic challenge though, as the felt is made from recycled plastic as I don’t use wool felt. But it is great fun to do and I think she will absolutely love the results (well I hope she does!). I’m finding that even though I started with patterns I am getting much better at freehand designs, I made an avocado last night! I’m posting weekly updates of my progess so that helps keep me motivated! Here are some pics of my progress so far 🙂

  2. Love the pizza idea! I’m doing hooded towels, robes, sweatpants, and aprons with a pot holder and a reuseable grocery tote to match.

  3. LOVE the pizza idea. I was going to buy a wooden puzzle pizza but this one looks better.

    Cute ideas.

    As a kid I LOVED huge boxes. My brother and I decorated ours like a rocket and glued sheets w/ drawn on buttons and screens and scenes. We had a blast!

  4. I’m doing cloth dinner napkins, reusable grocery bags, rice-filled foot warmers, and reusable makeup remover pads (for my mom). I’m so excited to be hand-making my gifts this year!! That pizza is too cute. 🙂

  5. Felt is so cheap to get, I’ve got a ton of it in my craft cabinet. A lot of stores also sell eco-felt, it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. Love it!

  6. Hi! Three cheers for your site! I had six kids–the last two home births; and as far as going green, I lived off the grid for ten years in a cob house I built myself. Now I’ve written a book. Here’s a no-plastic gift idea: my ebook doesn’t even use paper. Check it out: “It’s Not Easy To Be A Love Goddess” available on
    Make sure you only send it to friends who don’t mind some graphic sexual content.

  7. Hi there!

    I love the felt pizza and the mail bags – I am definitely going to give those a try (although I REALLY am not a seamstress).

    I’ve been busy lately crafting a flannel board and play pieces for my two year old:

    I’ve done the majority of my holiday shopping either through Etsy for unique handmade items, or Amazon for books, games, and puzzles.

    Thanks for the great post!

  8. So far, I know that I’m making dog treats and braided fleece chew toys for friends & family with dogs. I’m not sure what I’m doing for the humans yet. Either homemade bodyscrubs or bath salts in decorated and repurposed small salsa jars as stocking stuffers.

  9. What I am trying to do at the last minute…

    I bought a bed/bath play station for dolls at a thrift store for my step-daughter. I bought some foam and material and made a mattress w/cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, fleece blanket, pillow w/case and a quilt made from left over pieces of her quilt. I also made her a play quilt from scraps of another quilt. Total cost: 18$

    For my son, I hope that I have enough left over material from the matching dinosaur shirts I made him and Papa to make him (and maybe my honey) matching hats. Total cost: 6$ for interfacing

    My mom and my honey are getting Tshirts with homemade transfers courtesy of the budding artist in our family. I am scanning in his drawings then printing them onto to special paper that then sticks onto the shirts. Cost: not cheap

    I am trying to borrow a bear pattern from a co-worker and might make bears from minkie with their names embroidered on it. This is if I discover that I have time and not going into the hospital. Cost: 15$ if I can borrow the pattern

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