Snowy day

Today was our first official snowy day of the season (with more than a dusting of snow I mean) and since the kids finally have new boots (that fit!), they were able to go out and play in it. I don’t mind the snow much myself (I rather enjoy shoveling. Shhh. Don’t tell Jody that.), but the 23 degrees for a high is a little too cold for my comfort. Not theirs though. They didn’t mind at all. 🙂

Ava and Julian out in the snow 12/4/08 Peek-a-boo, Julian 12/4/08

FYI: my blog was down for several hours last night and into the morning and, as a result of several restores, there may be some “Hello, World!” posts showing up in your feed reader today.  Please disregard them. I’m going to be switching hosts in the near future (bye-bye BlueHost). Don’t want to have to deal with what I went through this morning ever again. 

11 thoughts on “Snowy day”

  1. they are too cute.

    my kids played out in the dusting (it was about an inch) the other day but because i wasn’t home to document with the camera, it didn’t really happen, right?:-)

  2. I’m almost looking forward to some more significant snow. Almost. 23 is cold. It’s been almost getting there the past few morning. *brrrr* At least give me some white stuff if I have to deal with those temps.

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