No Plastic Holiday Challenge check-in

Christmas is just four days away now and I’m wondering how are you all doing with the No Plastic Holiday Challenge?

I’ve been doing pretty good myself. I haven’t been able to avoid plastic completely (and I didn’t expect to), but this challenge has made me much more aware of just how much plastic is out there. I almost hyperventilated walking through Target’s toy department the other day! Seriously! Ugh.

I managed to score some handmade wooden toys for the kids at a local craft show that I’m very pleased with. I also made them felt pizzas and they are getting lots of books, in addition to a wooden play kitchen from Costco, and a few things I picked up at the thrift store. I’m also dyeing some play silks that I will use to wrap their presents and they will, of course, double as toys. Play silks are awesome for imaginative play.

I can’t discuss anybody else’s presents here since they all can read, but (gulp) some plastic is involved.

So how about you? What worked? What didn’t? Do you have any plastic-avoiding tips to share?

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  1. I’ve bought stuff off Etsy- mom-made mostly.
    I’ve knitted!
    I wasn’t able to avoid it completely, but knitting is always a good idea- hats, scarves, beans, toasties. 🙂

  2. We are done and successful! Again, I can’t couch for the in-laws, but we didn’t buy a single plastic thing this year. My secret: not to buy a lot of things. We each got one present. I bought my teen tickets to a musical, my husband tickets to a game, with accompanying team shirt and hat, and the babies are getting recycled toys from a friend who had too many themselves. IDK what I’m getting yet for Christmas, but being from my husband, I can assume it is neither plastic nor extravagant.

  3. We did pretty good with no plastic. We got a lot of local food stuff likes maple syrup in glass bottles and limited the number of present we got people. We also asked for presents that were plastic free. We did still use wrapping paper and plastic tape but I can’t get anyone to take it and I’m not going to keep it. At least the paper is recyclable and when it is gone we will switch to bags or something more eco friendly. Two of our plastic gifts are actually very eco-friendly- a solar powered lantern and a smart strip so I’m okay with that.

  4. I’m using old CanTeen bandannas and lavalavas tied with Hemp string to wrap my presents. I also knitted a couple of hats (like the only thing I can knit!, bought some secondhand golfballs for my granddad and re-gifted a couple of good books to people I thought might enjoy reading them.

  5. I included some knitted and sewn things for the kids and made all the gifts for family and friends.

    I failed miserably with the kids. But i always tried to think about it!

  6. You know what? I didn’t even know about this and yet all I bought was wooden toys!


    OHHH DOH, I forgot hubby bought a few cheapy gifts for their stockings and I bet you anything they are plastic…well, we did a mostly non-plastic Christmas.

  7. I didn’t read the original post about this (until now). I’ve become rather anti-plastic lately, so I’ve definitely been trying to cut back everywhere. That said, we did end up with a couple of things containing plastic – a Leapster for my son (don’t hurt me, LOL) and a new camera for me. Other gifts were edible, clothing, homemade soap, or wood products (books, puzzles, etc).

  8. I’ve been all over Etsy, too — found an awesome pencil cup for my boyfriend’s stepmom made from repurposed circuit boards, and some cute pocket mirrors for stocking stuffers. I did buy a couple of DVDs and a Wii game, but other than that I think I’ve managed to avoid plastic pretty completely — no, wait, I bought a Vinturi wine aerator, which has plastic parts. But I’ve been a lot more aware of avoiding plastic, and I definitely didn’t buy any plastic junk that will just get thrown away, so I feel pretty good about that.

    Stocking stuffers have definitely been a challenge, although I’ve had some great coups. I bought my mom a bunch of little jars of interesting spices from a local gourmet store that encourages customers to reuse and refill.

  9. i didn’t do this particular challenge – but i did set a challenge for myself with regards to excessive packaging. i really tried hard to avoid things that had any packaging, period. i think i’ve done well for myself so far – most of the gifts i’ve bought for Josh & Brian did not even come in a box, with the exception of Josh’s Spiderman digital camera & his Chutes & Ladders game which, lets face it, NEEDS a box to hold everything together!

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