Laughter prevails – WW

I’ve been going through some crazy health stuff over the past week (I’m OK, but more on that later). There have been many times I’ve wanted to cry and sometimes I did, but whenever I need a smile or a laugh, I can always look to these two. They never let me down.

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12 thoughts on “Laughter prevails – WW”

  1. Bathroom humor ALWAYS wins, especially in our house. That video is teh awesome and brightened my afternoon, now to push it on co-workers.

  2. This is so darling! Kids are nothing if not an opportunity to (mostly) delight in the moment…

    And I”ve added your lovely blog to our Super Eco news feed.


  3. That is too funny. Cole loved saying ‘poopie’ for about 6 months- now he has moved on to ‘pee-pee.’ All the words in his songs get replaced with ‘pee-pee.’ Cute how one word can crack them up. 🙂

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