Joining the Food Waste Reduction Challenge

I’m joining the Food Waste Reduction Challenge that begins today over at Crunchy Chicken. I think we do a fairly good job with minimizing waste in our house, and the food that does go bad goes into the compost bin, but there’s always room for improvement. There are definitely occasions when we could eat leftovers instead of making something new and we do just the opposite instead and then the leftovers end up going bad, etc. Composting food waste rather than throwing it into the trash is definitely preferred, but it’s still wasting food, money and energy.

According to Crunchy Chicken, “A University of Arizona study showed that 40 to 50% of U.S. edible food never gets eaten. That’s $100 billion worth of edible food discarded every year in the U.S.. It’s a tremendous waste of resources and one that we are all guilty in contributing to.”

Will you join me in taking on this challenge? Visit Crunchy Chicken to sign up. This challenge is for the month of February.

15 thoughts on “Joining the Food Waste Reduction Challenge”

  1. I’m joining this too, but I haven’t blogged on it yet. We already do a fairly good job, but it never hurts to work a little harder to reduce the waste.

  2. I am heading over to join up. I know our family has been guilty of grocery shopping and poor planning and then wasting food. I need to get back on track and I think this challenge is just what we needed! Thanks for the info, Crunchy! Cheers, Kimberly

  3. My family is definitely joining up. Like you, we try hard to minimize waste, yet I know there are three beets sitting lonely and dejected in my fridge than are past time to go. I”m sad I missed them!

  4. My family will definitely be joining up. Our income increased by about 500% a few years back and our habits changed a bit — we’re a bit more wasteful with our food. We need to go back to our roots, plan better and not waste the food that someone else could be eating.

    We’re definitely joining!

  5. Great challenge.

    My son’s class did a four day trip to an environmental center (that coincidentally my brother used to work at before he became a nature center director, small world). Anyway, they weighed their garbage after their first meal. By the end of their time there, they had cut their waste by 90%. So simple.

    I’m pushing our school to take up this challenge and would encourage others to do the same. The kids were so proud of their efforts. They couldn’t wait to see that meal’s weight.

  6. I find school lunches are a great place to use up leftovers and waste less food. I’m shocked NYC isn’t up there. We are fit and green! Here’s something I reviewed that might interest you:

    It’s a green lunch box…very cool progressive company. Feel free to link up to my review or let me know if you want the PR contact.

  7. buying in bulk also can reduce the waste our food comes in… i now buy 90% of my vinegars, oils, etc in bulk and it’s so much cheaper that way, I just have to plan more for store trips and remember to bring a bottle. (we worm bin as well at my house)

  8. You need some chickens! 🙂 Our hens hardly ever get the good picks on anything, but they get every scrap of anything but citrus peels and coffee grounds that comes their way. Some people even feed the spent coffee grounds to them.
    A worm bin is a good idea too. I am glad I didn’t have time to start one last year. If I had, I wouldn’t have enough food between the hens and worms.

  9. I just read about this challenge yesterday at Crunchy Chicken’s blog, and I’m in!

    I’ll clean out the fridge today. Here’s to a no-waste month!

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