The fog is slowly lifting

You might have noticed (or maybe not) that I haven’t posted in over a week. Either way, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m around, just laying low. I’ve wanted to post on several occasions, but then just didn’t get to it for one reason or another.

Photo courtesy of sektordua
Photo courtesy of sektordua

The past two weeks have been a major roller coaster for me. I’ve had ups and downs and many twists and turns. I’ve had more appointments than you can shake a stick at, including with my general practitioner, a cardiology nurse, an eye surgeon, an optometrist, a therapist, a reiki master and tonight, a massage therapist. There was a nearly a visit to the ER one night as well. Also, Jody has been out in California for work this week, so I’ve been focusing all of my energy on being as functional as possible.

The bad news is I’m still dealing with some issues (not as much crippling anxiety now – thank God!!), but I’ve been experiencing double vision off and on. Due to my eye history (including 4 surgeries for strabismus – eye muscles), this is not uncommon, but it’s not been fun either. And quite honestly, it makes it pretty easy to avoid the computer without feeling bad about it.

The good news is that the anxiety and panic attacks are happening less and less and when they do, it’s not nearly as disabling as it was previously. I have many more tools now (thanks to my friend the reiki master and psychic counselor) to get it under control.

So that’s where I’m at. I feel like I’m definitely making improvements (thanks largely to my reiki sessions which I hope to write about further another time), and the fog is slowly lifting, but I’m not out of the woods yet. I hope I can get this vision issue under control sooner rather than later. Your continued positive thoughts are most appreciated. Thank you. 🙂