A Mother’s Day tradition – Wordless Wednesday

Now for the not-so-wordless part of this “Wordless Wednesday” post.

Every Mother’s Day since 2005, I’ve had my picture (and Ava’s, and then Julian’s) taken in front of the tulips on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. This year we almost didn’t go, but I’m glad we did. One of these days I’ll need to make a collage of all of my Mother’s Day pictures for myself. 🙂

I know I haven’t been much of a blogger the past couple weeks. I hope to get a “real” post up later this week. Please know that I’m hanging in there, trying to focus on my recovery from anxiety disorder (I read last night that recovering can take 4 times as long as the amount of time you’ve spent in the anxious state, so I likely still have quite a ways to go), trying to get good sleep, trying to take care of myself and also working outside on my little garden from last year and a new garden I’m putting in this year. Getting in the dirt is good for my soul.

I hope you are all doing well and hanging in there with me as I muddle through this thing called life. Thanks for sticking with me.

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16 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day tradition – Wordless Wednesday”

  1. That is a beautiful photo! You sound a lot like me. I’ve been suffering from anxiety for a long, long time and recently it has gotten worse. I totally understand where you are coming from. I also love to work in my garden. It is good therapy. Have a wonderful day!

  2. It’s a good thing you did go, you will be very glad to have the picture later.
    I hope your recovery goes well. I know it is hard, but it isn’t always a long recovery, I came out of mine pretty fast.

  3. what a great picture. i love the tradition, i think i’ll have to start something like that. there are not enough pictures of me with my children.

    i’m so glad that you’re on the road to recovery…take your time and smell the flowers along the way…many blessings.

  4. Looking at pictures like the one above should make you feel good, at least for a little while. I hope you feel like yourself again soon.

  5. Hope you had a happy Mothers’ Day. That’s a great photo and you definitely will have to make a collage for yourself. My mom is a great photographer and she wishes now that she was in more of the pictures with us, instead of always behind the camera.

  6. Good luck in your journey. I have been fighting anxiety disorder for several years now and I’ve come a long way since the time when I couldn’t drive because I couldn’t pull out in traffic (I’ll bet you know what I mean–couldn’t make the decision when to drive out onto the main road) It sounds kind of funny now but sure wasn’t at the time! Anyway, know that there is someone in Michigan rooting for you!

  7. I applaud you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable. You’re not alone….anxiety has been a struggle for me for years. AND I love getting my hands dirty….ah, balm for the soul! Happy Mother’s Day- what beautiful tradition!

  8. What a gorgeous photo! I love this tradition. I hope you had a very good Mother’s Day – you deserve it!

    I am giving you big cyber hugs. Glad you are starting to feel better!

    Kimberly 🙂

  9. What a beautiful picture. Amy, of course we will all stick with you…you were one of the pioneers in green Mom blogging! And YOU are the original Crunchy Domestic Goddess! You do want you need to do…the blog will always be here. I had to take some time off from my blog too a while back, and everything worked out just fine! 🙂 It will for you too…

  10. Dear Amy,
    I just found your site when Googling for granola recipes. Then I signed up for the feed since I am in tune with what you are doing with your entire philosophy (I’m in the process of transitioning from a quasi green lifestyle in Paraguay to a green lifestyle in the US). I too am a delinquent blogger of late with some anxiety issues. My friend recommended the book, Being Peace, by Thich Nhat Hanh that I have been reading. Hang in there!

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