Stepping outside of my comfort zone

This past Saturday I did something that, due to my anxiety, I could have never done just 3 or 4 months ago. I attended a local pre-BlogHer meet-up at The Cup in Boulder. I was hoping a friend or two would be able to go with me (for the company, as well as to calm my nerves and make sure I went!), but no one was available. Still, I was feeling good about it and excited at the opportunity to meet some more local bloggers. But then I almost didn’t go – not because I had a good excuse or something came up, but because apparently I was more nervous about going than I thought and nearly used the excuse of Julian needing to go down for a nap to prevent me from stepping foot outside my front door. As it was, I arrived almost an hour late and didn’t get a chance to meet even half of all of the women there, but the important part is that I made myself step outside of my comfort zone and I went. I knew that if I didn’t go, it would make going to BlogHer next month all the more anxiety producing.

I was thrilled to see some familiar faces like Tall Tara and Crazy Blogging Canuck (Amber) (both whom I met at the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash back in August of last year), and was glad to put a real live face to a name for peeps like Eat Play Love (Denise), The Casual Perfectionist (JoAnn), Gwen Bell (the organizer of the event), Weebles Wobblog (Lori), and This Mama Cooks (Anne-Marie). I also had the opportunity to meet some new names and faces like Human Being Blog (Lynn), Tales of my Thirties (Rachel), and Bread Crumz (Holly). There were many more women there who I didn’t get the pleasure of meeting, but you can meet them all via the YouTube video below thanks to the wonderful Holly.

Despite usually having a camera in hand, I forgot mine at home this time so I don’t have any pics of my own, but a few of me (pics #13 & 15 – I’m in the green shirt) have surfaced around the ‘net (thank you, Use Real Butter (Jen) for proof that I really did go!). 😉

I might have some apprehension about going to these types of events, but I’m always happy I went once it’s over. Thank you again to the amazing Gwen for organizing.

It’s true that I often feel like this:
I'll Be Hiding in a Corner
But thanks to the pre-BlogHer meet-up, maybe I’ll be courageous enough to move out of the corner every now and then. 😉 I look forward to seeing all of you lovely ladies again at BlogHer (one month from today – squeee!) and meeting many more too. 🙂

Here’s the video (thanks, Holly):

14 thoughts on “Stepping outside of my comfort zone”

  1. Amy, it was wonderful seeing you again.

    While I may seem the extrovert (at times), I can also empathize with your feelings of anxiety. I have to do a lot of deep breathing before going into large-group situations because it’s very easy for me to be overwhelmed by all the energy. In fact, the meetup on Saturday reminded me that I need to rest up before BlogHer because I’m going to be completely exhausted when it’s over.

    Let me know if I can be of any help when we’re in Chicago. 🙂

  2. awwww! you are adorable, Amy! I’m so glad that you were able to go. I have a very hard time leaving the house, too…not so much from anxiety, but from body image issues. It has been hard to be the “curvy” girl in a world full of what seem to be tiny people. I know it is my perception, so I make myself go and usually enjoy myself as long as I am not confronted with mirrors. Working on it everyday helps…you’ve come a long way in a few months 🙂

  3. Aughhh, I wanted to go! I want to go to Blogher, too. Maybe if I start saving all my pennies now, I can make it to next year’s conference!!

  4. I didn’t officially meet you but I was glad I attended as well! I decided last minute to make the drive from Denver, it was so nice to meet local bloggers and now find everyone’s blogs and twitter feeds. Thanks for posting this, it was a great meet up and fun to keep hearing everyone’s positive experiences.

  5. I was pretty terrified to go to my own meetup in Vancouver. I think it’s pretty much terrifying for everyone to step out and meet others like this. Which makes me feel just a little bit better.

  6. You look great, and I would be nervous also. I’m so terribly bummed I can’t go this year. It seems like everyone I wanted to meet is now going… and I bet, my luck, they won’t be there next year!


  7. Amy, it was great to see you at the meetup & it’ll be great to catch up again in Chicago. Reading your blog I get the sense we share a lot of values – I think you’re one of the best green practitioners out here in the blogosphere.
    And…now only two weeks until the conf. See you there! xo, @gwenbell

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