My cucumbers make me happy

Yes, it’s true. My cucumbers make me happy. No, no, no. Not the happy Superbowl banned PETA ad kind of way. C’mon, people. Get your mind out of the gutter. πŸ˜‰

This morning as I was packing my kids’ lunches for summer camp (they go two days per week to the Waldorf preschool that Ava has attended the past two years), I made a sandwich wrap, put in some organic blueberries and some Goldfish crackers from BlogHer (yes, we’re eating the swag). I wanted to throw in a vegetable as well, but only had carrots and spinach in the fridge and wasn’t excited about sending either. That’s when I remembered, I have vegetables growing right in my backyard!

I walked about 20 steps out my backdoor, into my garden, plucked a cucumber off the vine, brought it into the house and sliced it for their lunches. Problem solved!

It’s moments like this that I’m so happy to have my little organic garden. Although it hasn’t turned out to be quite what I wanted it to be this year, I have learned and continue to learn a lot and am enjoying the experience, even if it includes digging up plants and repotting them in pots so I can move them to where the sun is. πŸ˜‰ We might not ever get eggplants, carrots or zucchini in our garden this year (due to enormous amounts of shade), but we will have cucumbers. Lots and lots of cucumbers. And that makes me happy.

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18 thoughts on “My cucumbers make me happy”

  1. Cucumbers are the only thing I have successfully harvested from our garden this year too. Only so far I have only grabbed two. Hope the potatoes turn out for us too. All leafy veggies have been eaten by critters!

  2. They look so yummy. I only just got some cucumber seeds in the ground this weekend at the same time as some cauliflower and broccoli. It said in my zone I can plant through July…so here’s hoping. The community garden tills up the ground at the end of October, so I’m nervous some of my late starts won’t make it in time.

    I’m trying to think what you could grow next year that will thrive in shade…I know mint does well. Our rhubarb used to do good in shade too…

  3. Awesome cucs! We’ve tried to grow cucumbers in our garden for years and never have any success with them. Yet still, every year we plant them and every year they die without producing a single cucumber. Our garden has been finished for months due to the early extreme heat in Texas but we loved having fresh veggies just outside and I’m hoping we’ll have a small Fall garden!

  4. i was recently complaining how very little has ripened yet in my garden, and someone (a veteran veggie grower) told me that this year has been terrible for the plants here in Chicago. We just haven’t had enough sun and warmth. I do have 2 little cukes that are starting to look like real food…can’t wait to taste them!

    Yours are really pretty!:-)

  5. I have cucumbers. Crazy amounts of cucumbers. None are ready for picking yet, but I have at least a dozen plants that have gone CRAZY. I can’t wait to eat mine, too.

  6. We are having a serious veggie garden for the first time and I too can feel so priviliged and prosperous when I go out to harvest dinner.
    What I have found too that since eating this fresh food, I am less craving rubbish. I think this fresh food is far more filling and nutritious than I thought. What a bonus.

  7. A friend and I were just talking about home-grown cucumbers this morning. They are sooo yummy. Too bad I kill everything. :o(

  8. My second-oldest went through an “i don’t eat non-lettuce veggies” phase, but if i put some soy sauce, roasted sesame oil, and sesame seeds on sliced cucmber, she’d somehow eat a whole bowlful.

    I it’s true for most folks that are gardens don’t turn out how we envision them when we’re thumbing through seed catalogs in January, but I’m glad yours is still growing you yummy things for the lunchbox. πŸ™‚

  9. I love fresh veggies right out of the garden. I just don’t have much luck growing anything myself. This was the first year my cucumber plants didn’t die, but they haven’t grown either. Not sure what I do wrong. I did get 1 precious tomato. A huge step! Maybe next year…

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