Gone Fishin’ – Wordless Wednesday

Ava and Julian went fishing with daddy, paw-paw and me-maw on Tuesday for the very first time. Unfortunately the fish were not biting, but the kids still had a good time. 🙂

(Also, sorry I haven’t been posting lately. My in-laws are in town and I’ve been sick. Oh, and my laptop may be fried. Sigh.)

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8 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’ – Wordless Wednesday”

  1. I admire your little ones’ patience! My husband keeps telling me we ought to take our family fishing, but I tell him he can go with them, I’d rather go shopping! Yes, I’m into instant gratification 🙂

  2. Precious! My husband and parents just took my daugher and niece fishing for the first time. As the story goes, it was utter chaos, and nothing was caught. The pics are adorable of them and the memory will be with them forever. To them, it was a blast!

    Thx for sharing that pic – it is just awesome!


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