Have H1N1 (Swine flu)? Take my survey

It feels like all we are hearing about in the news are the extreme cases of H1N1 (namely the deaths and hospitalizations), and while they are worth noting for sure, they are definitely the minority. Because of this, I decided to create a survey to get information from the masses who have had H1N1 to find out just how it is affecting them.

If you or someone in your family has had H1N1 (either confirmed or suspected), please complete the H1N1 survey. It only takes a couple minutes.

Note: Please complete a NEW H1N1 survey for EACH person who has had H1N1.

Also, please feel free to forward this link on to anyone you know who has had the illness. The more data I can collect, the better. After a few days of collecting data, I will parse it and write a blog post with the results.

Thank you very much for your participation and for sharing the survey with others.

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18 thoughts on “Have H1N1 (Swine flu)? Take my survey”

  1. Still keeping our fingers crossed here! Despite being exposed on at least 4 different occasions at this point, our whole brood is STILL healthy! Knock on wood! And although I would love to participate in your survey and be helpful, I am going to breath a sigh of relief and be happy that at this time, I have nothing to offer 🙂

  2. I’m not sure what kind of conclusions you can draw from a self-selected sampling, particularly if people filling out the survey haven’t been “officially” diagnosed with swine flu.

    I guess my question is, what do you hope to find out from this survey and what do you hope to deduce from the responses?

  3. How is it a self-selected sampling?

    As for officially diagnosed vs. suspected, I am not going to lump those two together when I tally results.

    I realize it’s not scientific, but I feel like it will give me a good idea what the “average” person’s experience is with the flu and what their opinions are on the media, etc.

    Mostly I’m just doing this to satisfy my own curiosity and figured others might be interested to know the results as well.

  4. It’s self-selected in that individuals filling out the survey are driven to fill out the survey for whatever reason. In other words, it’s not a random sample and, as a result, might introduce a bias into the survey. So, you aren’t getting an average person’s experience per se. Just what your average reader’s opinion is.

    All I’m saying is just be careful of whatever conclusion you might draw from the survey results. There’s already enough misinformation out there on both sides, but particularly from the non-vacc side of things.

    Swine flu is incredibly dangerous for a percentage of the population. Should everyone get vaccinated? No, probably not. But, having what I believe to be swine flu, if I could have been vaccinated in time, I would have opted for the whole family to get vaccinated rather than what we are currently experiencing. It’s “mild” in that it’s not fatal for most people, but I would have rather had the option of prevention.

  5. Deanna – Thank u for clarifying. While some of the responders are my regular readers, some are not (which is what I hoped for to get a bigger picture). I’ve had many ppl Tweet it which has brought in ppl I don’t know.

    I will be careful in my conclusions. Also I’m not taking an anti-vax stance. I believe everyone needs to decide for themselves & their family. I don’t feel what the media is feeding us is balanced.

    I hope you are all on the mend soon.

  6. The CDC quit testing for H1N1 some time ago UNLESS someone was hospitalized or died of what seemed to be flu related symptoms.

    So, anyone who claims to have been tested for Swine recently is lying. They may have been tested for Type A (of which Swine is), but could only have been positive for Type A Influenza not specifically Swine.

    There is an interesting video that all should watch of a nun in Spain. NOW, bear it in mind that she has several misinformations within her claims (misleading references to journal articles that do not exist) and she is also well known for being a rebel without much support. BUT, you should watch and read her video to get a better idea of part of the whole story.

    I was disgusted to learn, through her, that WHO has changed it’s definition of pandemic–THIS is what we should be alarmed about, that we’re all being led like sheep to believe that H1N1 is more dangerous than any other flu.


    Watch the video and read from reputable sites and maybe somewhere in the middle of it all is the real story.

    Link to Teresa’s video here. Her credentials are amazing, leans towards conspiracy a bit too much and in that, loses some. Stick with it though, it’s almost an hour, but worth it.


    I don’t think Crunchy is claiming anything but curiosity in her survey. I’m sure you’ll put a huge disclaimer on it, Amy, however, most will not look at the disclaimer, but at the bottom line. You might want to rethink posting results if it’s just for your own curiosity.

  7. My husband is off at his oncologist getting tested for H1N1. He was part of a viral study for the first 8 months or so after his stem cell transplant, so they do this thing called a nasal wash to capture the virus and culture it out. It’s very accurate what they find.

    I’m not sure if they’ll also do labs on him, but I’ll let you know what we have and I’ll fill out the survey for the 3 of us that have had it the longest. I’m more concerned about him particularly since he’s on immunosuppresants. The rest of us seem to be fairing tolerably okay as far as these things go. Although this is probably the sickest I’ve been since I had pneumonia.

  8. Interesting idea. I’ll look forward to your results. It doesn’t seem like doctors are testing for it here very much. Our son was in the ER with cold/flu symptoms (and asthma) and they just prescribed tamiflu in case. Then his regular pediatrician said that they could do a nasal swab to test for swine flu, but that they wouldn’t in his case, because he already has tamiflu anyway. I don’t think he had h1n1 (no fevers, vomiting, or diarrhea – so that’s why I’m not filling out your survey), but this lack of testing is consistent with what other parents in the area have told me even with more classic flu symptoms. For what it’s worth, we’re not getting vaccinated, because our son has a severe egg allergy (and I’m still nursing him) .

  9. deanna – so your husband was sick too? that would be scary. how has he been doing? are u and the kids starting to feel better now? i hope so.

    i’m feeling fairly certain based on my growing list of symptoms over the past few days, that i have some version of the flu as well. dunno if it’s h1n1 or not though. now excuse me while i go look for my lung. anyone seen it?

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