Moving Forward

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” — Albert Einstein

After 10 years of living in this house – the first house we bought together – Jody, the kids and I are packing up and moving on to our next home.

I’ve had a few recurring complaints about this house – namely that the kitchen is too small (I’ve nicknamed it “tiny kitchen”) – but I am so grateful for the time we’ve spent and the memories we’ve made here.

This is the first house Jody and I lived in when we moved to Colorado. Its the house we came home to after we got married. This is the house to which we brought Ava home from the hospital. Its the house where Ava had so many firsts – first steps, first words – and where she’s grown into an amazing 6-year-old. This is the house where Julian was born in our bedroom, at the foot of our bed. Its the house where Julian had so many firsts as well including taking his first breath. He’s now a vivacious 3.5-year-old. This is the house where we have memories of watching baby birds learn how to fly, finding snakes, growing a small garden, playing, and swinging on the tire swing all in the backyard. This is the house where Jody and I have begun to learn more about ourselves (through therapy, etc.) and what we need to do to improve our quality of life – that we can become better, healthier people.

This has been a house of laughter and tears, victories and learning experiences, frustrations and uncertainty, but most of all, love.

We’ve visited with the sellers of our new house a few times over the past week and as they reflected on their house and the memories they created there with their family over the past 17 years, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic with them and even got a little teary-eyed at the closing this week. They told us they feel good about selling to us. That we remind them a lot of themselves – moving into the house with young kids as they did many years ago. I think they see the sparkle in our eyes as we look at the house and begin to envision our family in it. They know that the swing-set they put in in the backyard, that has sat dormant for the past several years as their children grew too old for it, is going to get a new lease on life. They know that I’m excited to get settled into the large (to me) kitchen they remodeled. They know that I can’t wait to get my fruits and vegetable plants in the ground in the garden they used to cultivate. They know Jody has hopes of building a wood-shop in the backyard someday. They know that we are excited to move in and make it our home and create our own memories at that house, just as they have theirs.

I feel very good about this move.

We are at a point in our lives where moving forward and making a change like this – relocating to a new home – feels symbolic of the path on which we already are.

I don’t expect moving to change our lives dramatically, but I feel like this move signifies us moving forward with our lives and choosing to try to break the patterns of our pasts. We are forging ahead. I know there will still be rough patches and issues – who doesn’t have issues? – but as we learn to react to things differently and develop healthy habits, I feel like moving away from this old house is a good thing. Its like we’re leaving the past behind and opening the doors of new possibilities and adventures.

I’m ready to start the next chapter in our lives. Moving forward.

“Home is where our story begins.” — Author Unknown

Photo credit: Granny’s Basement

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19 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. This is lovely. We’ll be facing a move in the next couple of years too. It will be needed, because we’ve outgrown our little house with it’s own tiny kitchen, the kids share a room, and we’re ready to move out of the city. But the longer we stay here, the harder it will be to actually leave.

  2. I’m very happy for you guys A! It has all worked out perfectly and good for you for taking the time to really evaluate what this move means to you on a deeper level. Homes can represent so much about us and I’m glad that you have found a home that will allow you all to find joy and happiness within it’s walls and yard. I’m sure you will all thrive and prosper and that it will be all that it’s meant to be for you guys.

    Love you all!
    🙂 B.

  3. Good Blog-moving is cathartic. You leave the past behind, clean out all the unused and unusable junk, and look to a new beginning. Can’t wait to see the new house. Good luck with the move.

  4. Well moving on is sometimes a hard matter for kids who may have grown a big group of friends, for instance 2 years ago when I had to go under a similar situation, one of my kids who as a consequence of me introducing him to a k 12 homeschool curriculum , had grow a good group of friends around the neighborhood, when time came for us to move on he did not want to move on and let behind his friends, so we had to explain him a lot about what we were doing and promise to bring him back so that he could keep in contact with his friends!


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