Settling into our new home

Seeing how its been almost four weeks since my last post, I thought I’d post a little update to say we are all moved into our new house. Yes, even the two storage units we filled while staging our old house have been emptied! I can’t say that everything has found its place here yet, but its all here in our new house (or at the very least, in the garage).

We’ve actually made quite a bit of progress in the three weeks since we’ve been here. I’ve unpacked the kitchen (definitely a necessity), and even hung several pictures on the walls — though am nowhere near being done with that. I’ve also moved a few of my potted plants — zucchini and watermelon — into the garden (which was full of grass and weeds nearly up to our knees until Jody mowed and rototilled it — several times). And this week I even started landscaping the front yard which has been quite the project. I thought the soil at our last house was bad, but its even worse here. All. Clay. All. The. Time. So digging in clay mixed with a ton of river rock has proven to be quite the challenge for me, but I’m making it my bitch headway and hope to have it mostly completed tomorrow. Jody’s been getting his workbench set up in the garage and working on organizing the remaining boxes in the garage. We have quite a bit of storage space here. We just need to figure out what is going where and move it to its appropriate place.

In addition to hosting my mom in the new house who was visiting from Michigan for two weeks, we also hosted our first party here. It wasn’t a housewarming party as you may suspect (that’s still to come), but a belated sixth birthday party for Ava. She turned six back in June, but I really wanted to wait until we moved and had more space (and less to stress about) to have her party. I’m so glad I did! The party — which was a Pancakes and Pajamas theme (stolen borrowed from Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck Amber) — was great! There was plenty of space for the kids to play in the backyard and it never felt cramped in the house or outside. In addition to dressing in PJs and having a pancake bar (with lots of toppings), we incorporated other letter “P” things into the party like a Princess Pinata, Painting little flower Pots, a Penny dig in the sandbox, and my sister read “If You Give A Pig A Pancake” to the kids before we ate the pancakes. It was a lot of fun.

Its kind of amazing how much life we’ve lived here in the three short weeks since we moved in. I think about all of the times we’ve already played baseball in the backyard, when we tried to watch the fireworks from the back deck in the pouring rain, arranging the furniture, rearranging the furniture, rearranging the furniture again(!), all of the love the swing set has received from the kids, all of the meals eaten in this kitchen, etc. and it feels like we’ve been here a lot longer than we have. I think that’s a good sign. It means we’ve fit right into this house. This house feels right for us and I know we will make many, many more memories in it.

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  1. Amy, congrats on the move! It sounds like your family is settling into the new digs quite nicely. Additionally, since you stole it from Amber, I may have to steal the ‘P’-themed birthday party idea from you. And I’ll probably be using it for my birthday party next year!

    (Also…the thought of you making clay your bitch is one that makes me giggle…)

  2. Congratulations on the move Amy! Glad to hear you are settling in.

    With regards to the clay, when I was a kid, I remember finding clay somewhere in the ground was like finding gold! Hope the kids enjoy playing with it, even if it isn’t ideal for landscaping purposes.

  3. The soil at my house is clay with lots of rocks, too. Luckily most of the garden has been tended to over the years so it’s not that bad, but the new non-raised bed we put in continues to be a challenge. Fun, fun!

    Anyways, I’m glad you’re settling in, and that the new place is a good fit for you. I can’t wait to see you make it truly yours!

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  5. I named my blog Condo Blues because I thought digging & planting my front flowerbeds would take a weekend. It took me an entire week to dig through the clay in the flower beds! I was singing the blues all week.

  6. It sounds like a really good move for you all 🙂

    Clay is actually quite fertile soil, the problem is all the good stuff is locked up in it. If you can break it down with lots of compost you will find it will become easier to work with. You can put stuff on it to help the process – our garden shops here stock a “clay breaker” product to do it, but we’ve found throwing as much compost at it as we can works well. And our compost we’ve made in our bins isn’t exactly perfect either – just the grass clippings, vege waste and cardboard but it does seem to help.

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