Go Meatless One Meal Per Week

Last week I introduced you to a cool project I’m participating in called One Million Acts of Green (OMAOG). If you haven’t yet read my intro post, I invite you to check it out.

Today I want to talk briefly about one of the ways we’ve chosen to “Go Green” in my house and that is by rarely, if ever, eating beef. Here’s a weird but true fact from OMAOG about cows:

Cows are a major contributor to greenhouse gases. As the old adage says, what goes in must come out, and for cattle, a lot of what comes out is methane gas. And just like carbon, methane gas gets trapped in our atmosphere. Since the 1960s, the amount of methane in the air has increased by 1% per year—twice as fast as the build up of carbon dioxide. As worldwide demand for beef increases, so do the number of cows and the methane they produce. Also, in many countries around the world, forests are being clear cut to make room for growing beef. Cutting down trees reduces the planet’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide.


Also, if you haven’t yet heard of Meatless Monday, you might want to schedule your vegetarian meal of the week for Mondays to coincide with it (and maybe even plan on going meatless for the entire day). Meatless Monday is a non-profit initiative (totally unrelated to OMAOG) that provides recipes and info to start each week with healthy, environmentally friendly meat-free alternatives. The goal of Meatless Monday is “to help you reduce your meat consumption by 15% in order to improve your personal health and the health of the planet.”

At our house for dinner tonight we had eggs with spinach, salsa and cheese. We tend to eat about 50% of our meals without meat and although I don’t always schedule them to coincide with Meatless Monday, today it just worked out. (In other words, I was feeling lazy and eggs were a quick and easy dinner. *wink*)

If you eat meat, do you take a meal or day (Meatless Monday) off from it each week? If not, would you try it?

  • Register at One Million Acts of Green and log your first Act of Green: Eat a Vegetarian Meal This Week. Remember, you can see the impact of each of your Acts of Green. They all add up and will help the United States reach its goal of completing one million acts of green (and beyond!). 🙂
  • For more simple ways to go green, check out Green U: Simple Ways to Be Green (for beginners and experts).

Photo via CALM Action on Flickr.

Disclosure: Rockfish Interactive, in partnership with Cisco, is compensating me for my considerable time on this project. However, my ideas, words, and opinions are my own and are not influenced by this compensation.

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9 thoughts on “Go Meatless One Meal Per Week”

  1. This is a great idea. I don’t eat much meat anymore, but I think back to my childhood and realized I was eating probably about 80% more meat then than I am now.

  2. To answer the WIIFM question:

    You will feel great. Your mental clarity, ability to focus on tasks, and energy levels will improve dramatically. Animal-based food is where cholesterol comes from. Eat less meat and your cholesterol goes down.

    Your waistline will shrink and your wallet will shrink slower. Meat is expensive, even while it is heavily subsidized by the government.

  3. We buy meat directly from real farms and never eat factory farmed, not even when out. We never eat meat more than one meal per day and often not even that. We eat meat for health reasons – we are not healthy on a vegan diet. Check out Real Food by Nina Plank or Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon or the Weston Price Foundation website. I know lots of people who fell prey to the vegan diet fad and were unhealthy for years because of it. We don’t eat meat as much as those sources advocate, but it is an important part of our diet.

  4. Thanks for sharing this idea. I’ve been vegetarian for 16 years and people always ask me, “What do you eat?” As if there’s nothing else to a meal than meat. My boyfriend and roommate eat meat, and to inspire a meatless day for them each week, we cook a meal together. All summer it was grilled veggies. They always love the meals.

  5. I love meatless Monday. I have to be honest, we only eat meat a few times a week now (like 3). I don’t have much tolerance for beef, so we mainly eat turkey and chicken.

  6. I’ve been really curious about this. Our family has cut back on meat because we’ve switched to non-factory meat and it’s more expensive. We’re happy to do it for the environmental benefits. Does anyone know if grass-fed/finished beef produces less methane than the corn-fed kind? I would think they’d have less flatulence if they were fed an appropriate diet, but I’m dying to find out for sure.

  7. Meat also can make you constipated so a meatless day makes your body pretty happy. I know some are totally against meat. I don’t eat very much but on occasion some good red meat makes me feel better. Not very often though. I’m an “almost” vegetarian.

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